Construction Photography & Videography

Aerial Construction Progress Photography

We have been providing photography and video services for construction companies since 2007.  For aerial construction progress flights, by drone, plane, or helicopter, we can visit sites once a week or once a month for construction progress photos/videos. The photo packages will include photos from (minimum) 8 directions, both with, and without, the horizon, as well as vertical images, if desired, and if possible.  We are ready for whatever you need.  Aerial construction progress projects lasting longer than 6 months will be discounted.

On Site Photography/Video

Once on site, we will work with your project supervisors and go through the safety briefings, if necessary. We can document your project using still cameras, for high resolution images, in order to see every last detail. We can also shoot video, using a wide range of platforms. We have several GoPros that are great for attaching to equipment for a unique perspective. DSLR’s can be used with certain lenses to create bokeh, for a certain feel. The drone can be used to get to places that a person can’t, for yet another perspective. Maine Imaging has the tools for construction photography and has been all over New England using those tools for over 15 years.

We also have our TWIC Card.

People constructing a bridge over water

Video Production

While not a big, expensive, production company, Maine Imaging has put together more than 50 videos over the years. These are finished videos, with music, graphics, and interviews. We can document your project from start to finish, visiting the site several times. Or, we can visit once or twice and go from there. You can see several of these videos at our YouTube channel, Maine Imaging Photography. Using a wide range of cameras, we can document your project from several different angles, from ground and air. Once done on site, we head back to the office, where we use Adobe’s Premiere Pro to edit and produce the video. We will work with you to get the right look and feel for your video, until you are happy with the finished product.

Time Lapse Video

In 2020, I put together a time lapse video for Reed and Reed, showcasing the disassembly,
relocation, and re-assembly of their Manitowoc MLC 650 crane on site at a wind farm. I spent 4 days on site, working closely with the guys doing the work, while following all of the safety protocols.

Afterwards, there was an “editing marathon”, as all of the Timelapse sequences first have to be put together, and then converted into video clips. And then, those video clips have to be assembled, in the correct order, for the final video. I used a total of seven different cameras on this project, shot over 200,000 frames, and spent over 40 hours putting it all together.

We can shoot time lapse sequences as the whole story, like in the example above, or we can just shoot a single event, like a deckhouse being lowered onto a destroyer, a bridge sliding into place, or a new tugboat going down the ways at a shipyard. We can incorporate those TL sequences into a larger video, or just finish the sequence for use on your social media, or your own project.

Pre Construction Photography and Video, including Drones

More and more insurance companies are insisting on pre construction photography
and video of neighborhoods, homes, and businesses that will potentially be affected by the upcoming construction. We have the ability to document an entire neighborhood with super high resolution still photos, high definition video, both from the ground and in the air. We photograph everything you want – foundations, driveways, porch steps, even all dig safe, water, gas, and sewer designations.

Protect your company from false insurance claims after your project. With pre-construction photography and video, you’ll have the ability to look back in time, to before the project began, and check to see if that insurance claim is real, and not just someone taking advantage of the situation. Contact us to describe your project and we will work out a quote for you.

$300 Drone Starting Price

FAA Certified and fully insured.

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"We have worked with Maine Imaging for years.  Dave always delivers the quality and results we are looking for."

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