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Stock Aerial Stills and Video

We currently have over 18,000 stock aerial photos of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. All of our aerial images were taken within the last 15 years using digital cameras, and are color corrected, sharpened, and have their horizons leveled. All are in JPEG format, so if you want to tweak the image after you have it, you’ll be able to. Our galleries are laid out by state and town. There is also a search bar. Just type your town into the search bar, and it will bring you right to the images. Click on the “Add to Cart” button to check out pricing, print sizes, and types of paper. You can even order framed prints and merchandise!

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Maine Imaging Specializes in Aerial Photography & Videography

With clients stretching from Northern Maine to Connecticut, as well as several national/worldwide companies,  Maine Imaging is a full service custom aerial photography company. We offer very competitive rates, discounts for multiple target photo/video missions, and turn around time that puts your color corrected images or video in your hands, often within 24 hours of the photo flight. We use high winged Cessna 172’s, Cessna 182RGs, as well as Robinson R-44 helicopters for our aerial platforms, combined with professional grade Canon 5DsR cameras, L series lenses, and a two axis gyro stabilizer, for tack sharp images.  All of this for a very competitive price.

Custom Aerial Stills - Plane/Helicopter

Maine Imaging can shoot custom aerial stills from a plane or a helicopter. Helicopters are more money, but if you’re looking to get “up close and personal” with a project or structure, or if you’re looking for that very “dramatic” shot, helicopters are the way to go. In the helicopter, we can get lower and closer than we can in a plane. If you don’t need to be that close, a high winged plane, usually a Cessna 172, will do the trick. 

We use a pair of Canon 5DsR bodies, paired with Canon “L Series” professional lenses, wide and telephoto, on every photo mission.  The 5DsR bodies produce incredibly high resolution image files, in the 50+MB range, for unparalleled detail in the images.  Whether you need that kind of resolution or not, it’s good to have!

After the flight, all of the image files will be edited for color correction and sharpness, and all horizons will be leveled.  The high resolution image files will then be transferred to you electronically, often within 24 hours of the flight.

Contact us with your project information and we’ll get back to you with a quote. 

Aerial view of University of new england

Custom Aerial Stills/Video-Drone

Prices start at $300 for the drone.  Prices include drone, pilot, photographer, and post processing. Multiple properties or construction progress will be discounted. Additional travel costs may apply. Our goal is to produce large, tack sharp, image files during the flight. Once back in the office, all images will be sharpened, color corrected, and have the horizons leveled. Then the image files will be digitally transmitted to you, usually within 24 hours of the flight. A standard property usually yields 10-20 high resolution image files.

Contact us with your property location and we’ll get back to you promptly with a quote.

Air to Air/Water/Ground Photography/Video

Over the years, we have photographed several air to air projects using helicopters.  For shooting video, we use a Canon 5DsR camera body, mounted to a 2 axis Kenyon Labs, KS-6, gyro stabilizer.  This allows us to shoot one moving target, from another moving target, and produce high resolution stills and smooth video.  The gyro stabilizer is also perfect for slowing shutter speeds, creating motion blur in propellers, motion blur in the water around moving boats, and motion blur on the ground around moving vehicles.

Custom Packages

Have several properties or locations that you need aerials of? Need both aerial stills and video? Have projects all over New England? Or beyond? Contact us with the parameters of the job are and we’ll work out a quote to fit your needs.

Aerial view of hadlock field at night

$300 Drone Starting Price

Include drone flight, pilot, photographer, and post processing.

(207) 380-6343

Tracey Kelly
Berwick Academy
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“It was wonderful to work with Maine Imaging for aerial photos of our campus. Dave was both professional and flexible with us and the photos came out beautifully. I would work with this company again, if I had the opportunity, and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for outstanding aerial photos.”

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When the aerial season winds down, we don’t just go into hibernation till next year. We travel the state looking for wildlife, Maine scenics, landscapes, seascapes, and long exposures. Visit our “Scenic” gallery to view these and more. Dave is a military plane buff, so if you are into old and new warbirds, check out his “Vintage Planes” and “Modern Planes” galleries. Want to see what a 16 minute exposure looks like? Visit the “Long Exposure” gallery. Looking for something specific? Use the search bar!